Real Choice Ohio's mission is to give EVERY child in Ohio, their best chance at a meaningful, well-rounded, quality education.  With this in mind, Real Choice Ohio strives to bring you examples of ways to help bring children back from failing schools and into quality, accountable public schools.  Below are two real-world examples from two different school districts who tried and succeeded in bringing back students into their district, resulting in an average additional $7,000 per student that returns!

2018 Fall Conference Resources

Real Choice Ohio presented their 2018 Fall Conference on September 12th, in Columbus, OH.  Please see some of the links to presentations and PDFs that were presented during the conference in September.  Be on the look out for our Spring 2019 Conference, date TBD.

Morgan Local

Morgan Local Raider Pride

K-12 Insights

K-12 Insights

Real Choice Ohio

Other Examples:

01. Shelby City Schools

Download this PDF form and see the description of Shelby City Schools' best practice plan

The Shelby City School District was losing students to online charter schools and began investigating ways to stem the tide of students leaving Shelby. The district decided to open its own online school for the 2015-16 school year.  Click Below to see how they accomplished their own "Field of Dreams."

Morgan Local School District has made a short video to help highlight why it's "Great to be a Raider!"  This is a very easy and cost productive way to highlight your school district and show off why students and their parents should choose you!

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