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Public school districts breathed a temporary sigh of relief when the Ohio legislature stopped a list of public school districts eligible for scholarships from expanding significantly. But some families who’d planned to send their kids to a private school now have to choose between paying themselves or sticking with a t...

State Senator Matt Huffman, a Lima Republican and champion of vouchers in Ohio, spoke at Holy Name High School in 2017 in support of the tax-funded tuition aid to families.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A year ago, no students in the Parma school district used Ohio's main tuition voucher program to attend private schools.

This year,...


I’ve been around enough K-12 schools as an educator and researcher to get a sense of what school leaders worry about most.

There are the day-to-day concerns: Are the buses arriving on time? Are students safe and secure? Are there any potential PR crises we need to keep a...

If there is any value in the state report card scheme, it is that it reveals the failure of the charter experiment.

71 charters or 23% received F grades compared to only seven tenths of one percent of school districts. Six charters or .3% received A grades compared to 5% of school districts. 87 charters or 28% received...


As back-to-school quickly approaches, the excitement for a new school year is growing. 

Soon, we’ll be met with the hum of school buses in the morning. The shouts of students as they reunite with friends after a long summer. The excitement of fall sports and meet-the-teacher n...

May 29, 2019

Real Choice Ohio is proud to announce that our Spring Conference has been RESCHEDULED for June 19th, 2019.  The original conference was scheduled for May 9th, but with a busy end of the school year, we have moved it to June 19th.

The conference will focus on the new school funding plan and will feature many predominate...

The people of Ohio via the Constitution have imposed upon state officials three specific responsibilities regarding public education:

  • To secure by taxation a thorough and efficient system of common schools throughout Ohio (Article VI, §2)

  • Provide for, by statute, the organization, administration and control of...

When parents pull their kids out of school, or funding gets cut, the response is almost always the same: protect classroom spending at all costs.

Sounds like a good plan. But is it?

Research says other aspects of the school experience are just as critical to success. I'm talking about things like communication and fa...

PLEASE NOTE: K12 Insight is NOT K12 Virtual Academy!  There is no affiliation between the two.  K12 Insight works with public schools and is a firm believer in public based education.

K12 Insight is a group of former educators and administrators. Many of them are parents. They believe in the power of local schools...

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EdChoice voucher reversal a struggle for Ohio families

April 6, 2020

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Real Choice Ohio has several events throughout the year.  RCO is committed to at least two different conferences throughout the school year for school districts.  These conferences are a way to not only share best practices but to provide data and collaborate with other districts to find new and creative ways to help our students and their families to truly "BE THE CHOICE!"