Why Subscribe?

Why Subscribe to Real Choice Ohio?

Real Choice Ohio promotes public education and assists Ohio’s public school districts in retaining and retrieving students. Through data-driven research, the creation of best practices, training, and sharing of best practices, Real Choice Ohio provides support to public school districts so that Ohio’s students are provided with the best educational experiences possible.


Ohio’s public school districts can subscribe to Real Choice Ohio to receive its services including:

• Partnerships with school districts across the state which promote and showcase the many advantages of enrolling and attending public schools for students

• Participation in research for the best practices of student retention

• Sharing fruitful strategies for creating a welcoming school district

• Assistance and support in creating a public school district brand that supports local communities and makes them attractive places for individuals to settle and raise their families

• Annual Conference

• Access to online best practices materials

• Advocacy for public education


What is the cost?

Real Choice Ohio offers many different pricing options, depending on your school district's ADM (Average Daily Membership).  For the 2017-2018 school year, pricing is as follows:


ADM/Annual Subscription Fee

1,000-3,000 Students $400.00

Career/Technical School $400.00

Educational Service Centers $600.00

3,000-7,000 Students $800.00

7,000-15,000 Students $1,200.00

15,000+ Students $1,600.00 

What are the MEMBER Benefits?


Real Choice Ohio's BE THE CHOICE TOOLKIT is a step-by-step approach with real-life strategies and concepts that you can use right from Day 1!

Best Practices

Full Members get access to multiple "Best Practices" from districts within Ohio that have tried multiple different approaches and had success.


Full members have access to latest news, all articles, and especially access to sign up for our latest conferences and training sessions


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