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This toolkit is designed to help districts clarify their values and competitive edge to prevent students from looking elsewhere and to entice those who left to return.  Through a partnership between Real Choice Ohio and Educational Partnerships Institute, we offer tools and ongoing support to our subscribers, so they can build and execute an effective communication strategy.


Our students are not getting better outcomes elsewhere and Ohio’s school districts are losing millions of dollars in revenue they could use to expand programming, increase staff or improve facilities.

  • Ohio spent $10,000,000 the first year of the charter experiment, and in 2016-2017, Ohio’s charter schools were awarded in excess of $1,000,000,000

  • 85% of Ohio’s charter schools perform within the lowest 20% of Ohio’s public schools

  • Ohio’s graduation rate, excepting charter schools, is 92%. Including charter schools, it falls to 83%


The toolkit is divided into sections that will walk your leadership team through several steps that can help you engage your stakeholders and reverse the negative impact school choice is having on your district. Your district can start with easy, but powerful ideas that don’t require a large investment of time or resources to implement. Or, if your district is ready for an approach that takes a bit more planning and some resource allocation to implement, we offer several strategies in each section.


BE THE CHOICE toolkit includes the following sections:

  • Generating a sense of urgency

  • Building district values and trust with families

  • Building a family journey map

  • Building strategy

Click to read reports on the financial and educational impact charter schools are having across Ohio or in urban, rural, or suburban schools.

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"Be The Choice" Toolkit 

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