"Over the last several months, much has been made of the voucher crisis confronting Ohio's local public schools. The EdChoice voucher has grown from a $13 million program in a handful of school districts in the 2006-2007 school year to a $148 million program this year in 126 districts. And if the state has its way, it will grow to encompass more than 400 school districts in the 2021-2022 school year. Because of how they're funded, EdChoice vouchers force local school districts to raise property taxes or cut opportunities for students who don't take the vouchers. Even the EdChoice income-based voucher, which doesn't directly take money away from school districts, removes students from districts' state funding formula, costing districts and kids additional state revenue.


And there is simply no evidence that private school options, on the whole, are better for kids. In 8 of 10 Ohio school districts where private voucher providers reside, the school district outperforms the private option by an average of 27 percentage points. When privates outperform districts, it's in 2 of 10 cases and by only 9 percentage points.


That's where we come in. Many districts are facing unprecedented budget issues in the coming years. Districts need to hold on to as much state revenue as they can so their kids can succeed, not continuously fill budget holes dug by state legislative policies meant to weaken public education. COVID-related revenue losses will be devastating enough without state policy making it worse. 


This workshop series will give you the latest information about the EdChoice crisis facing districts overall and individual districts in particular. It will also give you a background on how vouchers have slowly chipped away at Ohio's public education. But most importantly, it will give you the knowledge and strategies to begin turning back the state's current agenda to move money away from your kids to unaccountable, worse-performing private schools. 


Join us in confronting EdChoice Vouchers at the CECV Virtual Workshop Series."


-Stephen Dyer, Education Policy Fellow at Innovation Ohio and Committee Chair of the CECV Project

Purpose and Goals 

The CECV Project Purpose is to Provide training, digital support, and technical assistance to Ohio Public School Buildings and Districts identified as “Ed-Choice Vulnerable.”

The goal of these workshop sessions is to provide School Districts/Building with resources and examples of how to help their parents and community understand and appreciate how and why their public school(s) are by far the best environment to educate each child in locale in the state of Ohio.

Additionally, as in all sessions, the participants will be given the opportunity, with practical assistance, on how to develop specific plans to carry out when they return to their respective districts inclusive of a statewide feedback loop.


The CECV digital workshops will include four pillars that the materials will fit into.  They are:

  • Overview of the Ed Choice Challenge

  • Student Retention and Return

  • Parent and Student Communication

  • Maintaining Student Market Shares

Within each pillar will list objectives of the pillar, offline content that can be reviewed and read, as well as a live, interactive session of some sort:

  • webinar

  • panel discussions

  • Q & A sessions

  • etc

Work and collaborate with districts around the entire state of Ohio to find strategies that work, and even some that have not worked in the past.  Connect with leaders that have made this a mission in their professional and private lives.  Read and connect with other leaders from across the nation that have faced similar situations in their respective cities and states beforehand.

By signing up, you will also become a member of Real Choice Ohio for the remainder of 2020 and have access to all of the materials and strategies that has been pulled in from districts around the state of Ohio.


The CECV Project was created by Real Choice Ohio in efforts to provide training and direct technical assistance to select Ohio Public School Buildings and Districts. 

These Efforts will:

  • Minimize and/or prevent the voucher-supported exodus of public-school students to private and parochial schools.

  • Outlines the delivery of training and technical assistance services to targeted schools and school districts identified as “Ed-Choice Vulnerable”.

  • Features localized and regionalized training opportunities, as well as digital assistance and direct service to targeted schools and school districts.

  • Reduces the outflow of public education students and their accompanying dollars.

The Project is sponsored by the OEA, Supported by K12 Insight and Innovation Ohio, and Partnered with OSBA, BASA, OASSA, & OESSA.


Our Sponsors and Partnerships

  • Ohio Education Association 

  • Mahoning County Education Service Center

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  • Innovation Ohio ​

  • Ohio School Board Association

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  • Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators

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